Victoria B on 24 July 2020

I also feel like my health is failing, I'm in so much pain by the end of each day, mostly in my back and legs. My asthma is getting worse and I'm more breathless. I'm having trouble sleeping and my mental health is struggling to stay focused on reality (cptsd from childhood trauma and adulthood domestic violence, causes flashbacks which are harder to process when distractions are limited by isolation). I know I need to see a Dr but I'm too scared. I have no childcare, I'd have to take my kids, they'd end up hearing about my ails and would feel bad. I'd open us all to risk of virus. All for some pain killers and to be told I must loose weight before my complaints are taken seriously by an overworked and emotionally unmatured mysogynistic old man. I can't risk my kids health like that just for my own comfort. I'll just power through like I always do.

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