Lois N on 13 February 2021
Q. Have you faced any unexpected expenses because of the pandemic?

I think probably like most people I've experienced, my heating bills have gone up massively and electric but I mean, you know again you sort of manage that and you can mitigate that against not travelling as much. But also it's costing me more, my son has sensory processing disorder. So what happens is he doesn't like food. It's a real struggle to feed him. Whereas at school, that combined eating with other people and also they have a cook at the school because of this very issue. It took the pressure of having to find food that will suit him and it's a rolling cost, I have to be so creative with the food. That's gone up. And my car broke and I couldn't, I didn't, you know, I really had to get help again to pay for that. I'm lucky or unlucky in that I haven't got a job to accommodate but we were doing building work at the time that I lost my job. So I'm left currently with a gale blowing through the back of the house. As and when we get any leftover money, we're trying to buy wood to try and finish the work that we started. So we're stuck in limbo and in a house that isn't finished but there's nothing new there. Really thanks so much for putting together the videos. It's really really helpful to be able to talk about it as well and feel like you're not on your own.

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