Lois N on 20 May 2021

I have really struggled to share so much lately as we really have been battered by a lot of emotionally challenging experiences.

I just want to say though, the Covid Realities project is helping me such a lot! I feel so empowered, sharing my and others’ experiences safely within the project.

It’s changed my perception of so many things and shown me that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do, but that all our stories are very different in many ways.

Laughing with others about the most dire situations is uplifting! And I need that more lately.

The lifting of restrictions means a lot to me although I am afraid. I’m confused as to what is actually a rule or a law or a request. It’s the worst leadership to get us safely through! I’m also so grateful to see my friends and family and make plans! It’s still going to be cheap or free stuff, but not alone! We do a lot of stuff at home with friends and I’m desperate for us to get that back.

Being able to see the loveliness of people is returning. I have been supporting a family who had been granted asylum, and then the system failed them tremendously. (Only felt able to do it after hearing a lovely person from big ideas groups explaining their awful reality).

The people we met at the emergency housing, and the individuals I have spoken to have really impacted me and reminded me there are incredible, selfless people out there doing great things. Stark reminder of how desolate things can get, and how humanity exists in the most unlikely of places.

It’s really helping to change my life, my outlook, to be part of such an amazing project. An archive of experiences!

Thank you.

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