Lolarose J on 07 January 2022

Week from absolute hell. The gas and electric costs going up just before Christmas, the weather deteriorating here where I live - lots of snow and ice, the children starting back to school with no sense of security as to whether or not they are staying in school, my daughter's 13th on Monday and new changes to arise then - it’s all been a bit of a January 2022 nightmare. I feel like I’m stuck in a time warp and nothing normal is ever going to happen again. I was so ill over Christmas and I couldn’t access my doctors and I phoned out of hours and they have a new 10 point criteria to accessing them. Okey I broke down about my physical and mental health did the receptionist even consider a doctor calling me? I know there’s a pandemic but for the love of God there needs to be measures out in place to help people who are genuinely ill and it’s not COVID related because this is getting above and beyond a joke now. It’s getting me really down.

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