Charlotte P on 03 July 2021
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Q. Where do you live and how do you feel about it?
I live in Belfast. It’s difficult at times raising children here because my kids are what I call ‘dolly mixtures’ they have both Protestant and Catholic parents. From that perspective and considering our near collapse of our government and the whole Brexit issues it’s hard raising them neutral. I am just trying my best to raise them to value themselves and others and also to have respect for themselves and others. My daughter broke the mould when she went to a cross community Grammar school. Her decision of course. Now she can learn about different religions and cultures in a more in depth way. Northern Ireland is so segregated and it’s also the only place that has this elite Grammar system which years ago was mainly only accessible for the rich. I’m on UC and it’s a struggle meeting the demands of a Grammar school however my daughter deservedly got a place based on her transfer marks so I have to let her at least try to have the same opportunities as others more well off than her. Before I was on benefits I was a teacher in Manchester and it was a permanent post and had it not been for me becoming a single mother through no fault of my own I would have liked to have known what life would have been like over there now. I have some regrets about moving but I know things happen for a reason.
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