Lizzie W on 02 April 2021
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Q. How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?
Life is chaotic but I'm loving it. I found the confidence to leave my abusive ex almost 2 years ago, I had hated him for years and was never able to find the courage to kick him out and not let him worm his way back in. On this particular day enough was enough and I revealed the truth to my family he then knew there was no way to break me back down. Since then, I've returned to college, I have a new job, I have two beautiful happy girls who have blossomed since Mummy is happier. I met my soulmate who's taught me how to love myself, he is kind, generous, thoughtful and above all fully supportive. He came along with 2 children and blending our families has been absolutely wonderful. We have made so many memories with our 4 children (3, 4, 7 and 7) they all get on so great, this house is always filled with laughter. We have no plans for any more children!! Our child free weekends are far too blissful! But once we find our forever home fostering will be on the cards. I am the happiest I have been for years, smiling everyday and I can't wait to see what the future brings
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