How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?: "I would describe my life as very centered around my 2 children at present. It is noisy and we are in the house more. After having CoVid I am concerned of ever getting it again as it was the worst illness I have ever had. I think CoVid has changed my life and made me more wary and anxious. Living through another lockdown has been difficult especially dueing the winter months. On the positive side I am enjoying the nicer weather and it is grest for all 3 of us to get outdoors and gi for long walks and do something simple like throw stones into the river on our river walk.

I feel that I don't have time for me any more and it is difficult as a single mother getting and space. It is almost like I have company every day and the house is full of noise but it is also very lonely going through another lockdown which has now been extended. I miss seeing my friends and having adult company. I have been rrally strict about my bubble in the fear of catching CoVid again so I know thats put a strain on me seeing any other adults apart from those in my bubble. The fact I dont drive makes seeing others more difficult and whilst not being able to drive never bothered me before during lockdown it is annoying me. I just hope that the restrictions are lifted soon so I can see other adults as I am also as important as my children."

Charlotte P
Mar 1, 2021

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