Fiona T on 03 December 2021 🌟

The news over the past 1-2 weeks has been dominated by the news of another variant (Omricon) which has meant more restrictions in relation to mask wearing- it’s such a blow after what was beginning to feel like the “end” of the pandemic. Things were feeling calmer and more “normal” but now, this new variant has put a real spanner in the works. My anxiety has hit a new high because I’m anxious for my parents, both of whom are in their 70s. This new variant doesn’t respond well even to the new vaccines so it all feels very gloomy. My mother and brother are supposed to be here with us for Christmas Day, but now it feels like that might not happen. How can people be expected to function normally when the world around us feels so uncertain? I just wish covid would go away and leave us alone once and for all. It’s tiring and exhausting to think about how long this pandemic may actually last. I’m grateful for these diaries and being able to freely express myself, and again very grateful to be surrounded by my family who keep me grounded at some of the toughest times. Let’s hope and pray that this new variant is not anything to worry about and that the experts have it under control

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