What impact will this new lockdown have on you and your family?: "I think it will be tough for some.

I am already required to work from home and have done so since the middle of September. I miss the office a lot. And home is such a drag when the girls are not here. But at least I am working. Its the weekends and evenings that become so well boring.

But its more for my girls that I think this new Lockdown will most affect. They miss their friends and going out.

They are at an age where they can be "let out" by themselves, to have new experienced and make the mistakes we make while growing up. When the vaccine arrives and hopefully things get back to normal, they will get to do those things again I suppose, but I hope they do not change too much in the meantime.

My eldest is very sociable and is really finding the lockdown tough. Tech is a godsend so she can keep in touch with her nanna and her school friends.

My youngest thankfully is still allowed to go and ride her horse. She would be completely lost without doing that.

So I think the next few weeks will be tough - I will have to order a few more board games or some arts and crafts to keep us all entertained."

Syeda F
Nov 5, 2020

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