"I felt victimised by school this week. I can’t say for certain that they treated us this way because we are on pupil-premium, and receive food vouchers/parcels. But that’s what it felt like. I’m pretty sure they don’t treat the other school families like they did us. My 5 yr old has been struggling with her mental health and in the last week has completely turned off from online learning. She’s always hated the live meets but point blank refused them. I get why, they’re overwhelming, disorientating, and boring. She missed 3 in a row. Instead of phoning to see why, to offer support to make them more accessible, the class teacher sent an email stating they have to see my daughter on line for child protection reasons and if she didn’t go to the next one the head teacher would come visits our house to make sure she was okay. It seemed like a huge leap and massive overreaction. It sent me into a huge downward anxiety spiral, which lasted for days after the matter was resolved. Hearing the words child protection as a mother is soul destroying. Of course the teacher didn’t mean child protection, she meant safeguarding, but the damage had been done. Words count."

Nellie K
Mar 2, 2021

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