What are your reflections from a year like no other?: "My thoughts on 2020 are not all negative....but I will start with those!

I have felt all the emotions throughout the year, witnessing the joke of a government continually make mistakes, not care about people, do what it likes for the sole purpose of making money (putting the economy before people) and I have felt incredibly powerless watching this happen...I liken it to witnessing a car crash....you see it happening, almost in slow motion but you are unable to do anything and have to simply watch and deal with the consequences.

I have cried over the fact that this country seems to care more about the economy than it does people. I’ve witnessed racism, ableism and sexism, particularly across social media which I have had to limit my usage of (no bad thing there!).

I have tried to embrace the positives but it is with shaky hands and an anxious heart I do this with some....I left a bullying workplace job and was fortunate to land another one within a month....a new job in the middle of a pandemic, working from home, great! And for the most part it is great. Except now, despite proving the job is workable from home, I have to go into the office and work there, just as they have made me do since September. So I have bittersweet feelings because is this really a company that cares about its workforce? The fear of contracting the virus is huge for me. I’m not classed as clinically vulnerable so the chances of being ok with it are good but I am a single parent of 3 children and lots of animals, I don’t want to risk getting ill and being unable to cope with all that I have.

So the positives....I have single handedly looked after my children, keeping them loved, safe, secure, and for the most part, happy and entertained. I haven’t wished them back at school for my sake as I might once have done. More than ever, I have appreciated the small things, our garden, the great weather in the first lockdown, living somewhere that has “rural” type areas within walking distance.

I’ve continued to tell myself well done for literally just getting up every day and doing the best I can. I’ve really noticed my resilience and capabilities shine through.

I can’t wait to receive massive bear hugs from friends and relatives when we can see them again though."

Connie G
Jan 6, 2021

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