People's 🔙 2020 - looking back experiences
Aurora T
31 July 2021
Covid Realities has meant a lot over the pandemic. Our voices have been heard where we’ve felt previously ignored...
🔙 2020 - looking back
👥 Covid Realities
Angie K
30 July 2021
One year on from my Covid Realities birthday. I can be grateful for my family’s good health and my children’s promising development stages...
🧒 Children
🔙 2020 - looking back
Lizzie W
02 April 2021
I really enjoy reading other peoples experiences and being able to have my say. Life has changed a lot in the last year, I'm off benefits now, have a new job, my partner has moved in and we are really enjoying making memories whilst blending our families...
🔙 2020 - looking back
👥 Covid Realities
👧 Relationships
Lola P
27 March 2021
The last year has been a challenge to say the least, I’ve had many dark and down times as my mental health plummets on a daily basis. It’s been a struggle to stay upbeat for the kids when all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry...
🌦 Mental health
🤹 Parenting
🔙 2020 - looking back
Erik N
21 March 2021
🔙 2020 - looking back
Georgie O
27 January 2021
Hi how is everyone? This passed year has been crazy. The uncertainty, the flip flobbing of rules and regulations...
🔙 2020 - looking back
Teddy W
10 January 2021
i dont think i even want to reflect on 2020. its depressing...
🔙 2020 - looking back
🌦 Politics & stigma
Dot P
06 January 2021
So glad my son is home educated. Our lives have stayed pretty much the same over the last year, other than I'm not working as much...
🕰 Lockdown, rules, and social distancing
🔙 2020 - looking back
😷 Covid-19
Connie G
06 January 2021
My thoughts on 2020 are not all negative....
🔙 2020 - looking back
Howie P
05 January 2021
I have tried to reframe 2020 as an adventure, in this way we would expect there to be some difficulties and even some disaster but that overall, overcoming these obstacles is a challenge and that ultimately we will feel great when we have survived it and achieved success...
🔙 2020 - looking back
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