How has your daily parenting been affected by lockdown, and how are you coping with any changes?: "Parenting and lock time. This time has become really stressful. It's its wearing thin of the stage and homeschooling. Is extremely stressful not just on me, but on my child, there's lots of Tears lots of Tantrums from both of us. Lots of sleepless nights and I were fearsome. Another extension to that home scaler to at least mid-march. It's as a parent's worst nightmare and I worry for the future for our children. They're missing social interaction. They're missing that Social Development. They only will model they have right now is the parents. The teachers are not there and I was Role Models anymore. They're not see, you know that also as role models. It's a lot of pressure on parents. When the children go back to school. It's just going to create havoc and children have been at home with their parents. from Christmas the anxiety I can see it increases tenfold and children. it's it's concerned and I just don't see our government haven't had a forward-thinking was regards children and parents and homeschooling. I just wore I am another talking about the potential of holding them back for year, which I agree with because they've lost 50% of two years education. Yes. Everybody is At the same level Maybe. But they've missed a lot we can expect our children to go am transition into secondary schools and new schools. And be expected to perform when they've missed so much education and that's been all right."

Teddy W
Jan 28, 2021

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