Syeda F on 10 December 2021
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Q. Boris' xmas party, omicron and possible Christmas restrictions. What do you think of this week's news?
Here is hoping Christmas will be different this year. However, all around me people are thinking there will be more restrictions to come. And I am not sure how many people will abide by these given the poor showing of the government - not just the party/gathering that is alleged to have happened, but also because of all the sleaze allegations and U-turns we have seen this year. I think people are beginning to lose faith in "the system" - post-restrictions in the summer, mask wearing seems to have dropped, testing seems to be waning and this will only allow the virus in whatever strain to spread about. I do think we should get to the stage where the coronavirus is just like the flu and we have to live with it. But I am not so sure we are there yet. The pressures on the NHS and the avoidable deaths are still present. I feel for those who will miss loved ones, who have jobs in industries that are being affected. But the government needs to support those, and those who cannot work. I cannot see this happening soon, as talk from people like Dr Coffey, in charge of the DWP, who thinks work will set us free, show they have no appetite to support those not able to work through illness or as carers. It will be another tough Christmas for many people.
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