What is your experience of home during the pandemic?: "I'm quite lucky because I know you had moved on just two years ago so I have a large from garden with real ins and I have a good back garden with a swing set for my daughter and my son and the weather last year was brilliant. So we were able to set up the front and the kids play in the problem Pearl and the rest of the neighbors would have sat in our garden. So there was always someone to talk to and a good atmosphere sort of just keeping us going really because we spent the majority of our time and the gardener Nice Saloon. I'm so glad that I did have this lace and it's very see. I found my son has Global developmental, delays, and also low functioning autism. So we just didn't understand that you can go out, you can go and see people. It's good. That the front garden is secure, it has real. And then again, in the back Garden has really high fence with. So the only place that you would be able to leave my son just for a minute. If you were to run into check the the food in the oven or do, Turn the washing machine on, you know, it was very secure, very lucky that I haven't had any interactions with my landlord but it's just been to see the same as everything. He gets his friend and believe us alone in that, that really"

Dorothy T
May 12, 2021

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