Syeda F on 31 December 2020
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Q. What are your reflections from a year like no other?
I really do not want to look back on this year, ever again. It has felt like we are living in a vacuum, which would in practice probably be the safest thing to do. I've used this word too much this year, and nearly always in the Covid Zoom meetings - but it has been a year of confliction. I cannot thank my lucky stars enough that I have been barely touched by Covid compared to some I know. I haven't had the disease, I've been nowhere near it. I have kept my job and my boss thinks we are ok for another year. So these are things I am obviously happy with. But then I look at the restrictions placed upon us - we are back in the summer Lockdown (Tier 4 is effectively this), the girls are doing "education" from home for at least 2 weeks, and the virus shows no signs of going away until the vaccine is around enough people to make a difference. Easter I think they are saying? We survived Christmas financially and it was a good Christmas too. But I have to look at why we made it - and the Lockdown, working from home, helped massively. There was nowhere to go (so no expense there) and I didn't have to travel to work (cutting my petrol bill). But at what cost to the girls? I can live on my own fine, but they need to be out and about, seeing friends and doing things! I think the next year will be quite telling - if we do not come out of Lockdown soon, if restrictions are not lifted so we can go back to cinemas, gyms, etc then I do not know what effect this will have on my girls. I want to remain positive, to look forward to a time we can look back at this and think we all came through together, but its difficult to do that right now. Always end positive - Happy New Year and all the best for 2021 to you all at Covid Realities. Being part of this has helped more than you know :)
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