What does this new lockdown mean for you?: "Well.....happy new lockdown!!!

I have mixed feelings about the lockdown. It was definitely needed; it was long overdue. The rising figures have been worrying to say the least. But suddenly yesterday, I felt the reality sink in of at least 6-7 weeks of home schooling ALONE!! I know I did it before but this time feels different. My youngest has since started school so there is "proper work" for him to do. My eldest is taking her schooling responsibilities more seriously this time (she is in year 10) so I want to help facilitate this and then my 9yr old has her work to do. So that's a massive mixed bag of spreading myself thinly.

I still have to work but am grateful I only have one day to cover. Sadly my employer won't let me work from home - despite the fact that I started the job in July last year and worked from home initially for two months. This fills me with anxiety. I wish I could be appreciative of an opportunity to mix with adults, but these aren't my friends and family, they are work colleagues and I would much rather be at home, not seeing them, protecting myself and my children.

Whereas the lockdown of last year almost felt like a time to have fun (the weather was amazing, the novelty of doing nothing but being at home was there) this one feels much different. It feels as though we should still be trying to create a "normal" experience out of something that is essentially abnormal.

I am making even more effort with my lovely elderly neighbours. There are two sets that both have families but they're not able to see them, so I've been cooking and baking and making them happy with random meals and cakes to put smiles on their faces.

I hope the weather is kind to us, that the rain isn't constant, because at least I'll find it easier to get the children to join me on dog walks. I am keen that they get some fresh air daily, however briefly.

I bought a treadmill in the last lockdown (second hand off Gumtree) so I am trying to commit to regular running in the hope that it will help with good mental health, so far I have done two runs, so fingers crossed I can maintain the momentum."

Connie G
Jan 6, 2021

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