Victoria B on 04 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
Well, having caught covid I'm not as worried now for my kids, but I'm still waiting for my sense of smell to return and I'm still feeling sleepy and crumby. I've taken to wearing my exception lanyard literally everywhere, sick of saying I don't have to wear mask. I will when I can but it's just too much for my already frayed nerves as is. My kids are under 11 but will wear masks when asked too, I don't force them. Taking my kids to the cinema today. We had planned two weekends worth of trips and activities (that would be under £10 each but crowded and chaotic) but after discussion and budget balancing kiddies decided they'd rather not go to crowded cold places and picked one cinema trip instead, only £5 per ticket at local cinema so works out roughly same price. Going to watch the new Disney film, kids have been excited all week bless them. And I'm thrilled they get more diversity and representation these days. We've got a Santa grotto booked for the following weekend but hopefully it'll be a nice peaceful trip, covid pending. Covid affects a surprising number of things. Shopping, food prices and access, budgeting, activities, safety plans, etc. I'm just hoping things don't get worse and affect plans even more. We have weekly craft sessions and a party planned, just hoping we can keep those plans. Covid could ruin it all but hopefully it'll be okay. Time will tell.
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