Lola P on 27 March 2021
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Q. What does Covid Realities mean to you right now?
Covid Realities has become my life saver during this pandemic, it has allowed to me to take myself away from my family unit and be something more than mum and wife just for a few minutes I’m involved in something much bigger. It feels so important the work Covid Realities is doing and I’m so very thankful to be a part of it in every way I can be. I love my family so much but it’s also nice to be able to do something away from them and find myself again. Covid Realities has brought out my creative side which for many years I’d lost due to fitting into the wife and mum role completely. I forgot how creative I can be and how fun and therapeutic it is which has helped me no end in my dark times. This platform is also very valuable to me as I can discuss and “put the world to rights” with like minded people so I don’t feel so alone and they understand what I’m going through too.
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