Teddie G on 26 March 2021
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Q. What does Covid Realities mean to you right now?
What does Covid Realities mean to me... when I first joined I think I liked the fact I had a space I could vent my frustrations on a system that really gets to me on how it treats those less fortunate. I’ve discovered I like to come and say what I see and feel and won’t get judged, it’s been like a safe space and has helped mentally a lot. It’s also been good to know there are others out there in similar situations and its important that people's journeys are recorded for historical reasons too. For me I struggle with speaking and being on camera so find the Zoom meets awkward an not sure if taking part just using chat is acceptable? I suppose if I joined more I’d maybe get more confident. I’d like in the future a meet up in person as Covid allows.
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