How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?: "How does my life? I don't want to start we had Community Arts business and we're also I'm co-chair of your IP addresses Alliance which took a dramatic change very quickly the beginning of covid we've gone from trying to do but no change policies ideals by the media also to running a three-day week food bank because there's a massive need for it. Oh, so we take on other people's emails asking for food Direction where to get help with to go. We've had to listen and want to listen to people's problems whether it's getting benefits whether just needs to chat because when I station or another own, I've caught two more media being a veggie. Oh I've been on live news to be up. Done the involved called of I'd call that and loads of projects that could be acting at the ones the Arts are obviously side has stopped or bear done a few online projects. We've been a part of and one we're going to facilitate which is amazing and exciting, but that's all various other projects around food probability of security coverage related. Projects on yeah, and my life has changed. I had to get used to the camera which I still not great with for personal point of view as I'm already on universal credits and I'm set I'm settled have a good understanding of my own budget. I've never really had any money. I did was short amount of time which was weird and amazing. So I do know what life's like we don't have to think or worry, but actually I've done quite well of covid. I don't mind a distancing having been poorly over winter, which usually young continuously portable chest infections, which have an effect on my life and running at the house. Obviously. I've not had one this year, which is amazing and great. We've been asked to move over your wire before from our point of view and a bib and point of view. The feedback has to stop smooth now we're doing more of the alliance stuff. From the our point of view we are now have an art studio space where got more contacts now with it before because we've moved where are getting us possibly do community work again when the market kicks up and covid Below relaxes on its walls in a safe way. I've learned so much about health and safety about security about How people get himself into tricky situations how people had everything and now have nothing been amazing and I've enjoyed it and it's been stressful and it's scary and it's been sad and amazing and happy. It's been a roller coaster, but I've loved it and I'd like to continue doing this sort of stuff. It's my life changed quite a lot very very busy, but I get paid nothing for it. Really so fingers crossed one day that my change. Who knows?"

Georgie O
Mar 26, 2021

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