Thea P on 27 November 2020

Worrying about how I can keep afloat financially when my child's school has to close due to covid or the bubble he is in, has to isolate. Since September my son has had to isolate twice due to coming into contact with someone with covid in his school bubble. With this, because I'm not having to personally isolate, it seems I cant claim anything to help when I'm having to stay off work to take care of my son. (Single parent) I wasn't furloughed during lockdown, I was lucky enough to receive full pay, however now, working in a small setting that is a none profit setting, being off work so much to take care of my child when his school is constantly having to close or isolate, isn't good for my employer nor myself. I cant work from home due to the nature of the job and I'm not actually sick/ill when home taking care of my son, so claiming SSP wouldn't be available. I cant be furloughed during this time as I wasn't furloughed previously. So having to constantly take unpaid leave is stressful and hard financially. Also, during these times of my child isolating, my employer is left extremely short staffed and this causes problems there too. But seems I cant claim anything during these times because I'm not the one actually isolating. I'm just taking care of someone who is isolating but also too young to stay alone and has additional needs and no other child care available.

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