Erik J on 28 June 2021
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Q. What is your preferred way of getting in touch with DWP and what is important to you when you get in touch with them?
Hi and thanks for your interest with this question. I am currently claiming legacy benefits due to long term health and mental health issues, for me it would be much better if I could communicate with you if necessary via online chat. Due to mental health issues I find it very distressing talking on the phone, this causes me a lot of anxiety as I struggle to get my point across becoming more agitated when the person on the other end of the phone struggles to understand what I am saying. I also have to plan a long time in advance to use a phone generally due the the anxiety it causes me. The system of options and different departments is confusing and can take a long time to navigate, then when you do get to speak to someone they do not always show any understanding of what problems or difficulties people are facing or how frustrating it is trying to find out what help or information is available. Like I said for me it would be easier to communicate online so I can prepare for what I need to say and have time to read any answers that are given and get help to understand if required. Some phone operators show no compassion or understanding what people calling them for and make you feel that you are trying to cheat the system in some way, or should not be asking for help.
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