Teddy W on 10 January 2021

Today as I sit and prepare for our first full week of home schooling alongside me being a registered childminder the feeling of dread looms high. I have £6 in my electric meter, I have 0 money to top it up, I have no coal for the fire and I'm burning my home heating oil to keep us warm, a source I try not to use all day because I can't just buy £20 of oil. There is a minimum order and its usually £100. I have had to isolate twice for 3 days at a time for hospital appointments which means I cant get out and neither can my child. I try to get her up to her dads if he isn't working its bad enough me being coupled up without the child as well. she has and still is going through enough. I don't sleep well now and have constant headaches on top of all my other constant pains. UC is still viewing me as having to work 40 hours a week which I know I won't be fit for and there isn't many environments I can work in. I feel like if there wasn't a child in my life I truly don't know if id be here living my life this way. there is such a shame and stigma on people on benefits especially single parents, we have fancy phones, big TVs, smoke, drink and have a merry life. I don't drink I don't smoke I don't have a fancy house or car, I haven't bought anything new in over a year. I prioritise my child and now I can't even buy her clothes when she has barely anything in it to wear. Santa bought her 2 hoodies and she changes them over hoping it is washed and dried when she needs it. children do not deserve this, they don't need to know we are penny pinching, they shouldn't be cold or hungry especially now they are at home more and they still have to learn.

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