Charlotte P on 21 January 2021
Q. How has your daily parenting been affected by lockdown, and how are you coping with any changes?

Daily parenting has been a huge struggle as I am still recovering from CoVid. Ive had to bubble uo with my best friend so she can assist me dueing these hard times. I have a very challenging 7 year old and adding home schooling and home worls into the mix is very stressful. I see this new lockdown especially during wintee taking a toll on my mental health and Im struggling to get better too. I was referred to the CoVid unit and they said I needed to rest as much as possible which the doctor thwn said waa impossible because of this new lockdown. I had to bring my children with me to the assessment and the doc stated I had my hands full and that this winter lockdown will be a hard one.

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