Charlotte P on 31 December 2020

Well I was NOT expecting that my Covid reality for my 1st EVER Covid Christmas was to have contracted Covid. I haven't seen my 7 year old son from Dec 18th and I haven't seen my 11 year old daughter since Dec 23rd when my test came back positive. I was so very ill NOTHING like I have ever experienced. I was weak and dizzy as well as coughing non stop, so much I pulled a muscle. I had a fever and was so tired all I wanted to do was to sleep. Covid stripped me off a Christmas with my children. It also stripped some of my close friends from having a normal Christmas as we went to Costa Coffee on the Saturday before my test and the Public Health Organisation had to contact these friends to request they self isolate. As you can imagine they were NOT happy. I'm wracking my mind to find out how I caught it as I wear a mask, I anti bac and I only go shopping once a week. Even after isolation I am going to be weak and tired and it will take longer than 10 days to recover. This weekend I will celebrate Christmas with my children for the 1st together. I'm ANGRY at this Covid situation and for what it took away from me.

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