Nellie K on 02 March 2021
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Q. How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?
Pre-pandemic my life had structure, and balance. There were plenty of opportunities for fun days going out, meeting people, attending playgroups. Days at home were savoured as the opposite side of that sea-saw, time to relax, be lazy and rest. We had the support of friends and family. Money was a worry, but it wasn’t the dominant feature of our lives. There were plenty of distractions, and most of the other areas of our life were good - relationships, health, creativity. The pandemic has stripped away all of those things. All of those areas of our life now feel rock-bottom. And it’s when all aspects feel crap, when you have nothing to pin “well, that’s okay” onto, that life really starts to feel bleak. Without the distractions, and with the additional financial strains of the pandemic, the lack of money has become a huge feature of our lives. I feel defined by the food vouchers, and parcels, and being on the schools list as a pupil-premium family. Pre-pandemic we always planned on having a 3rd child. Now, we’re not sure. Not because our desire to grow our family has changed, but because we’re more preoccupied by money worries and lack of support. And it makes me cross to think that a reason we may give up on what we want for our family is money.
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