Charlie B on 18 July 2021
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Q. How do you feel about freedom day, and how will this affect your daily lives?
Hey, so yeah freedom day. As if we're free. I'm semi-disabled, I have osteoarthritis in my knees which means I need a walking stick to get around so transport can be quite fun at times. I've also got mental health issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression. So as well I'm not a massive fan of crowded places. I do struggle to wear a mask in the summer which I find very annoying, the wintertime I'm fine. But the summertime I really struggle and I just feel the breath back on me and ahh god. But freedom day, I'm more worried and concerned not about the case numbers of people getting Covid rising as the death toll is fairly low and I'm double vaccinated as I'm in a vulnerable category. My worry is the crowding, again, the queues, the pushing, the barging, no space. So I've now got to adjust again to crowded London buses, fighting my way through tubes, all the rest of it. Public transport is going to be crowded. And that's, that's my more concern and fear is just crowded spaces. I struggle, I struggle with that.
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