Victoria B on 21 January 2021

Just got off the phone to my universal credit coach, about ten minutes ago, and my daughter comes to me for a hug and asks "mummy, why do adults need permission from other adults to live?" Confused I said we don't. And she replied with "a man rings you. You answer questions about jobs and emails and stuff I don't know and then each month they give you money which buy us food. I see you need the man's permission to be able to buy food. And no food means no living. So, I think cause I'm super smart, that means adults need permission to live. So I decided I wanna stay a kid. Adult being looks hard and scary. Being a kid is just eating and playing, I'm good at that." Wow kid, just wow. She's not wrong though, when you think about it. One thing the UC coach said today was "it's important to sell yourself" and in a moment of anxiety induced humour I replied "oh aye, I forgot whoring is only okay if it's too the right companies" which left an awkward pause I had to try to play off as "oops, the inner sjw slipped out there hehe".

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