How has COVID-19 impacted your mental health?: "I feel CoVid19 has greatly affected my mental health almost more than the 5 year court battle I have recently come out of. I have a very challenging 7 year old boy who never stops. I have also an 11 year old girl who recently started secondary school. Due to my poor financial situation I cannot afford WiFi. Google classroom during lockdown was a nightmare. My childrens primary school were not supportive of families with no internet or technology. My daughters new school have been fabulous offering a laptop to loan but the Wifi is still a problem. This lack of digital access has put a massive strain on my children and I and has therefore dominoed into affecting our mental health. We all feel less of a person and my children are realising we are different during CoVid. Thia was never an issue before as all homeworks were manual before CoVid. I feel unworthy and have a low self esteem as a result of not being able to provide technology for my children. I have tried so hard to access offers but my childrens age group and school age does not qualify. Its like they are being penalised for being poor. I wish I could do more. I am worried sick about another lockdown. We are due to start another one for 2 weeks this Friday and while schools remain open noone knows how long for."

Charlotte P
Nov 26, 2020

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