How have you been managing in self-isolation?: "So far my children and I have not had to self isolate however we have just cMe out of a mini lockdown in NI and that was so tough. During the 1st lockdown the weather was pleasant and the children could go to the driveway or the back garden but this time round the weather was so cold and bitter. The children were constantly in the house. There was no google classroom as the education minister called it an extended half term holiday. Ive no wifi and no tablets and at times the children were bored. Children werent allowed to mix so they couldnt see their friends and no indoor mixing was allowed. Halloween was very strange this year. Ive a 7 and 11 year old and they were sad they couldnt trick or treat. We did however make the most of it. Even though we couldnt go into my mums house she arranged a scavenger hunt outside her garden and then pinned party bags on her washing line. Definitely a Halloween to remember in 2020. My wee son at 7 said 'Maybe people will write books about us one day' Bless. CoVid Experiences. I wonder what our 1st ever CoVid Christmas will look like."

Charlotte P
Nov 4, 2020

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