Enzo J on 28 January 2021
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Q. Are you currently receiving Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit?
Yes, I am receiving UC or WTC
Q. What difference to your life has the extra £20 per week made, and what difference would it make if it was taken away?
hello the extra 20 a week has been the only thing keeping my house running I have recently been told that not only that will be taken away but the extra money granted to the housing element could be reduced also I am unable to move out of the damaged un managed property I'm being forced to live in by the council where I live because of the reduced amount I will receive if the government take it away. my mental heath isn't handling this so well and quite frankly with everything that's happened through this pandemic I am struggling to cope with all the issues I'm facing involving the money that will be taken away if they chose to take the 20 a week away I already get less money than I was getting on legacy benefits and it's very tough already I don't think I'll manage very well if the money is reduced in all fairness
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