Erik J on 12 July 2021

RE: Job centre reopening. Good or bad I think they need to get back up and running as long as there are changes made. Firstly they need to be trained to understand that everyone is different with different needs and abilities, they need to treat people with respect and understanding. Many people find themselves in situations that are beyond their control or have complex medical issues that make face to face appointments hard ,causing anxiety and distress. Then there is the Covid issue so they must make sure appointments are spaced out to avoid too much close contact, understand that many will have to use public transport in order to arrive. They must also ensure there is sufficient hand sanitiser available, plenty of space and fresh air to avoid putting staff and visitors at risk, understanding that some people will want to continue wearing a face mask while in enclosed spaces to help protect each other from spreading Covid-19 while it is still circulating and out of control. If the government won't keep restrictions in place to protect us we must all do what we can to protect ourselves from harm.

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