Victoria B on 23 July 2020

My daughter thinks I should invest in a rumba/robot hoover, I said we can't afford too, already need to take out more credit to replace our dryer, but she argued that it would save me pain from hoovering daily as my asthma is playing up lately, I've managed to hurt my back and I'm struggling to keep on top of cleaning. I can tell she's worried about me. I feel bad that she's worried about me but I'm also so proud of her empathy, and her cognitive skills and logic. As she put it "we can't afford a cleaner to help you, I can't do much as I'm little and it makes you sad when I do too much cleaning, so I think it would be good to get a robot." She is sweet. Both my kiddies fill me with much joy. If it weren't for them I'd not be here, if it weren't for them I'd have given up by now. They give me such joy and are my only source of hope.

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