Charlotte P on 21 October 2020
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Q. Is Child Benefit enough and what you do spend it on?
Child benefit does not appear to be enough. In Northern Ireland we have huge uniform costs. ITS unreal. Nowhere else has these extortionate costs. The grant is nowhere near enough to cover it. The entire child benefit for September went towards the 2 uniforms. My daughters secondary school uniform was over £300 and my son at primary school was £100 that included shoes and trainers. The grant for primary is £35. For secondary its £75. My daughters blazer alone was £90. I'm still waiting to save for her trainers and family managed to buy her shoes. I am answering this question is Child benefit enough at a time when I am struggling most with money. August, September, October and then leading into Christmas I am struggling to make ends meet. I'm worried about the harsh winter and the fact I've to turn the heating on more as NI are now on a mini lockdown which may be extended. PERSONALLY during these strange times Child benefit is not enough. Perhaps if my daughters father paid maintenance it would help on top of that but with no address and no way of finding him that's just not possible.
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