Teddie G on 26 January 2021

💤 Sleep...... in the first lockdown I struggled more than usual to sleep .... as time went on I then crashed and slept lots..... the second lock down the children were all still at school so the routine was kept.

Before any lockdown my four year old was in a bedtime routine, she is my fifth child and all have had proper routine , but since lockdown one her routine went out the window and I’ve struggled to get it back since but was getting somewhere then wham lock down 3 no school for her and now no bedtime routine ...... it’s 3Am she’s still awake and showing no signs of sleep ..... I can’t settle till she does but then it won’t be that long until my other children rise .....

My elderly mum has said her sleep has worsened also surely we are not the only ones suffering insomnia due to the constant unknown , anxiety and changes in routines of lockdowns, COVID and constant changes in rules.

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