Fiona T on 04 January 2022 🌟

Today has been a really rough day - as was yesterday. Covid caught up with me just after Christmas and I was quite unwell for a week - my husband had to take unpaid time off work to look after me. Our electricity meter was almost running out and our entire household was isolating. When I called our energy supplier for help they didn’t give us many viable options and instead we’ve been sat here in worry. My youngest daughter is scheduled to have an operation, but instead she’s been sick with Covid and it’s been awful because I’ve so desperately wanting to look after her but I feel unable to because of my sickness. I cannot imagine how single parents cope in this situation - Covid really does wipe you out. The start of the new year, 2022, was supposed to be filled with joy and prosperity but instead we are battling a new variant and encouraged everywhere we look to be “cautious”. I do appreciate how awful Covid is and the scale of what is in front of us, however, I am mindful of how tricky 2022 will be for people especially those struggling with their mental health. I have found my anxiety over Covid has got worse and I often feel isolated in this pandemic. For the last 3 years I feel I have been frozen in anxiety and living in survival mode. I have been existing and not living to the fullest. I hope and pray 2022 delivers more promise and that we may one day see the end of this awful pandemic.

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