Jimmy H on 26 April 2021

The Wife and I have both had Covid, and the fatigue is the worst side affect. The 2nd is the breathing difficulties and the thick gunge coming from the lungs not being able to swallow. That’s the medical side affects, then there is the difficulties with finances, DSS/PIP sent a form out for me to fill in I need help filling these forms in, but I could not see any one to help me because of lockdowns, so in their wisdom they decided to stop my pip for not returning the form even though I have been on DLA & PIP for over 10 years. So now I’ve lost my transport and money which I depended on. Trying to get through on the phone is terrible I was on hold for 3 and half hours and then the line disconnected. So I just gave up I just can’t cope any longer, my mental health is deteriorating.

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