If you're on benefits, have you felt pushed into work? If you're in paid employment, what’s it been like for you?: "I was on income support and my youngest is still 4, so under those rules i wasn't expected to look for work until my youngest turns 5. I know the rules are different for universal credit and that is a major reason why I stayed on the legacy benefit income support and child tax credits. I didnt get the £20 uplift though because of that. So I got a job and started in December before I was moved onto universal credit and I now fill all the hours and pay commitments for UC so I'm quite free and without bother from them. I am low paid, but my job is set hours and school holidays are off, I know exactly when I'll be working for the next 12 months, that's great, no stupid 0 hours contracts that I know many single parents are forced to take. I'm a SEN TA, in a year 1 primary class. It's theeant the world to me, I know I'm really lucky, it's a dream job for single mums, school hours only, it works so well. I'm not stressed, I don't have to do a school run as my youngest go to the same school. For now, it's the best thing I could have done. I'm definitely seeing more money every month. I'm having to pay back £50 a month for the UC loan when I switched over at the start of the year. Also I'm paying back an overpayment by child tax credits, thats £50 a month too. Also in May I have to begin paying council tax, £35 a month. I'm locked into a 12 month contract with virigin for some expensive broadband I had to get for my teenager to be able to study in her room during school closures. Im also still £2000 in debt on my overdraft so when I do get paid amd get my UC.payment I'm still in overdraft...so im not actually feeling the Financial benefits of working yet... Hopefully next year maybe..I doubt it though. But I definitely feeling the social and mental health benefits of working and being out of my home. I work with a great team and the children are so entertaining. I really love working."

Callie I
Apr 25, 2021

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