Victoria B on 30 March 2021

My eldest has had yet another growth spurt. This time in her feet. Following her new year inch taller spurt (my son also had a growth spurt last month, also about an inch almost overnight as they do lol), she's now gone up a shoe size. Got her new shoes a size up last November, when she was a size 12, so got size 1 hoping we'd get to summer. Noticed they were getting a little snug last week and said I'd order new when I get paid (tomorrow thankfully). Only on Sunday when she wore the shoes they were hurting her feet, on Friday they fit snug but not painful, then Sunday painfully tight, bent toes and everything poor lamb. So this week she's been wearing two pairs of socks to play in the garden. Gosh is it embarrassing when people pass and say "oh where's her shoes?" And I have to reply "oh, she's just outgrown them, getting new this week". I looked online for shoes, cos we've got walks and such coming up this Easter weekend so she needs before Thursday. Nothing online within my budget that can get before the weekend. So I shall have to leave her with my neighbour, also bubble buddy, tomorrow and get a taxi to the big Tesco with little man (gonna get size 2 and 3 to be on the extra safe side). But it means a bill will need to be postponed, cos even low cost shoes are pricey when buying more than one pair. My youngest will need new shoes soon also, hope to get his next month, he's still got plenty widdle room for his toes but I don't wanna get caught short again and he's got sensory needs, so for him it's either wellies or crocs, nothing else will do. Normally get his wellies from shoe zone in their 2 for whatever price deal but not quite safe to visit local town just yet. It's his birthday in a couple weeks also, feeling guilty that I'll have less money for his birthday than I did for little ladies but I know he won't mind bless him. We'll still have plenty fun, planning on an epic water battle using the water guns I got them for Christmas. Get paid tomorrow, it's already sitting in my bank account pending clearance, which is such a huge relief. Sadly, it'll all probably be spent and used before the weekend, so the relief will be short lived but maybe I'll get a night or two without a knot of anxiety choking me in my sleep. Will pay the rent first, then bills, food shop, put money on my Iceland card to protect food spending for the month ahead, most likely before I've even gotten out if bed tomorrow. Put money aside for little man's birthday take away, plus the taxi, shoes and an egg or two then poof the money will be gone. Had a little window shop at the works today (website that is lol), some bits on sale I'm hoping to get if I can afford to (will see what's left in the bank after Tesco shop tomorrow) for Christmas ahead. We always like to make things for people as gifts which can get pricey if not spaced out. Gotta see what we can waggle in the coming months. Recycle or upcycle things from the house that were not using, etc. Financial insecurities aside, we just really need a change of scenery, an adventure, no where fancy just somewhere not our house or garden lol. Planning a picnic with our bubble buddies in the coming days, go to a field a short walk away, have a little egg hunt and let the children run around and play. Hopefully the weather stays warm. This is the first month in what feels like an age where my gas meter isn't close to empty come payday, which is awesome. I'll still be adding the usual £30-40 per month to the gas meter (in the hope that it'll mean next winter won't be so hard on the purse strings). We saw our first bumblebee of the season yesterday, which made us smile. Spring is really upon us at last. It's been a tough winter, let's hope the summer will be more rewarding.

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