Fiona T on 08 June 2021
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Q. What haven't you told us yet, which feels important to you?
Life on a low income during the pandemic has felt like a monumental weight to carry. It's often felt like we've been forgotten about in the system and that our voices have not been heard. We need the government to understand that if our situations were bad before the pandemic, then they are now at breaking point. We need clarity on a secure income, even if that is through Universal Credit. We should be treated as humans with decency and not made to feel worse than we already do. The government also needs to recognise mental health and amplify its support in those most vulnerable. Waiting lists for support are now too long and people are suffering in the interim. Mothers also need help in integrating back into normality, and affordable childcare needs to be looked at. We have a duty to look after ourselves and each other and while the pandemic has driven people apart, we need to make sure social connections are reinstated so people do not feel lonely anymore.
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