Teddie G on 01 June 2021

Death. Last week came the news that my mums elderly cousin had passed away, it was a sudden death although he was 82 he was fit and well and passed away suddenly while out shopping going to his car. He lived in Saltburn and this got me thinking of all the people unable to pay their respects to family and friends during the restrictions and how thankful I am that we are able to take my mum to his funeral this week, as lots of families do we don’t see each other often and usually when we do it’s at funerals and every time we always say “we’ll have to meet up in happier times” but that never happens! It’s so incredibly sad that elderly people like him have survived this long through the pandemic, spent the last 15 months incredibly lonely living alone waiting for normality and looking forward to socialising then sadly pass away just as that normality is getting closer. But then I think of all those who were unable to see their loved one and only allowed a very limited funeral and know through my experience of not being allowed to see my brother who was murdered nearly 18 years ago that the long term affects on their mental health through being denied the proper goodbye will be huge. I know how that’s felt for nearly 18 years and can honestly say it’s worse now than it was at the start, I truly hope that the government realise the long term impact mentally this pandemic is going to have on us all and that services are sorted out and provided for all who need it not only now but in the years to come.

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