Erik J on 08 January 2022
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Q. How you have been managing over the festive period? How did the end of different Covid-19 support measures impact your Christmas and New Year?
Christmas for my daughter and I has been very quiet for a few years now since there is just the two of us. This year however has been the most difficult to get through financially, with the rising cost of basic food items and utility bills ever increasing we are finding that we are no longer able to even live a basic life without constant worry about if we have enough to eat or buy suitable clothing for my daughter. Luckily my daughter goes to a young carers club weekly and they gave us a hamper with a turkey, fruit, vegetables etc, without this we would not of had a Christmas lunch this year as I have just not been able to put anything aside to help. I was not in receipt of the uplift given during the earlier part of the pandemic as I receive legacy benefits but the amount I receive has not increased for some time meaning constant cutbacks to what we can afford every time there is an increase in the cost of food and bills. I feel this year is going to be the biggest struggle I have ever had. I will however always continue to put my daughter's health and needs first.
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