Georgie O on 26 March 2021
Q. How has the pandemic impacted your monthly budget?

Beginning of covid, my daughter is at different schools she didn't get a lot of support. She was expected to work from home. That was never going to happen, ever. Forget picking up a pencil and even look at writing a word, it is going to cause a meltdown on a tantrum. Because we're looking at basically high-level autism, possible ADHD. We're not too sure yet, but she is on this on that line somewhere. It runs down our family. So I have it and I'm clued up to the mild signs that other people can miss. There's a huge [unclear] basically, which makes things slightly tricky in a sense of what can I do to keep her busy, to keep her mind going. So it costs a bit more money in items try and think, at home, what can I buy to keep her happy/content as much as possible as her attention time is five minutes. So at the beginning of lockdown, about a year ago, it cost me quite a lot of money to be honest.. And it was almost a waste of money because it didn't really work. But you have to try and do your best

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