Victoria B on 22 November 2020
Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your mental health?

To, the main things this year that have effected my mental health: 1) Universal Credit. It is a mentally and emotionally traumatising system. Designed to benefit the few and punish the majority. Its especially difficult for me, and I imagine many other women in similar situations to me, as it brings back memories and feelings that were common during abusive relationships. Having to please someone else in order to stay safe and fed. Having to jump through humiliating hoops - and applying for jobs you know won't take you just to prove to job centre that you've done enough to be considered worthy of one's meagre bread. Then getting an income for your efforts that's so little, based on what one needs within our culture and society to live a thriving life, that it becomes a painful, demoralising cycle. The biggest barrier to work is poverty, those most in need of work are the poor, so give the poor enough that attaining work isn't bared, not just enough to stay alive while hating every second of one's situation. It's heart breaking. And hurts. Leads to anxiety, depression, etc. Triggers my PTSD also.

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