Georgie O on 23 January 2021
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Q. How has your daily parenting been affected by lockdown, and how are you coping with any changes?
Hi, how has my daily parenting been affected by covid? My daughter's off at school for two weeks and that wasn't great and the school has now marked her as vulnerable and she should go back to school full-time. So that has been a great help as we wouldn't be able to continue for long how we were going and how she was going and that also had an effect on my son as well. He's only three and he has been, not ignored but I couldn't give my time to him at all. When I spent all day on the table trying to get my daughter to do some work and she wanted to do it well. So that has changed and has been a massive change from the support from our school. It's been incredible, which is a huge change from last time. I've kept my son out of nursery because they are big classes and luckily I did because I took them off for two weeks and the second week that he should have been there, they were all in isolation, the whole preschool due to one child having covid. He's doing quite well. I think he's liking the attention to be honest and I've been able to do some schooling with him and get him ready. So basic things, the alphabet, phonics. He's picking up maths. He does probably watch a little bit too much TV, compared to what he did previously. But it's like number blocks and learning things. I can't go to work. I can't do our food bank we usually do so I got lots of free time. So I'm thinking, which isn't always a good thing, but I'm thinking and planning trying to use this time in a positive way instead of sat here being really negative, which is the easy thing to do. Especially when I've got very little support around.
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