Is Child Benefit enough and what you do spend it on?: "Hello, I have one school-age child at home now and I received 21 pounds of five pence per week for him. Whether it's enough that's debatable. I think it's a travesty and an injustice that second and subsequent children are not as valued as much in terms of child benefit as the firstborn. I think all children should be paid for equally if we are going to have this benefit also, they need to sort out the eligibility. Criteria because as you start to earn the upper levels of income it starts to get a bit. Here's they and the rules are a bit contrived whether it's enough. It's difficult to say because ideally the child benefit back in the day. I wanted each child to have a little Nest Egg of the room when they were old enough, but unfortunately due to living in poverty for the past 15 years or so. It's been subsumed into the household budget. So it goes and food clothes bills Etc."

Meg T
Nov 8, 2020

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