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The cost of living crisis rightly focuses attention on what policy changes are needed to better support households through the coming months. But what is life like for parents living on a low-income, who are at the sharp end of the cost of living crisis? What do they think needs to change? And how might policymakers do more to work directly with, and learn from, parents on a low-income as they respond to the ongoing crisis?

In these briefings, we set out lessons for the Westminster Government, but also for the Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly. We also set out everyday realities when there is nothing left to cut, everyday realities of daily crises, and of significant hardship and unmet need. This hardship predates the current crisis, and reflects broader problems tied to the inadequacy of current social security provision.

These four sister briefings set out broad agendas of change for each administration, emphasising the urgent need for all policymakers to prioritise targeted action through our social security system. The briefings also set out opportunities to do more to work with the expertise that comes from experiences of poverty and social security.

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