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Families living on a low income are profoundly disadvantaged and Covid-19 has only made this worse. In this final report, we summarise the evidence  from the multiple strands of the Covid Realities research programme, which documented the everyday experiences of families with children living on a low income during the pandemic across the UK.

This report collates this rich and diverse body of evidence, and shares recommendations for policy, practice, and also for future research. The evidence tells us quite clearly that our social security system and wider public services are failing to provide families on low incomes with adequate support.

Through Covid Realities, parents experiencing poverty during the pandemic came together, shared their experiences, and developed recommendations for change. People spoke of their hardship, but also of their eagerness to be part of making change happen. They wanted better, not only for themselves but for families in similar positions, and for future generations. This report sets out why and where change is needed.

For a two minutes read, check out this blog, which shares the five key lessons from Covid Realities.

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