Teddie G on 17 January 2021

I’ve not been here for a while, I’ve been super busy in the run up to Christmas collecting and distributing food to those on my estate who need it, Myself and fellow volunteers were in our community centre until 11.30pm on Christmas Eve, we was lucky to get enough food donated to share out , surprising to us lots came and filled their bags it was so lovely to see happy faces......

The eye opener for myself was after everyone had gone , we had put a message out on Facebook saying food was still available and we would be in the centre for a while still. At about 10.30 in came a lady asking if we were still open ..... she looked so relieved when we said yes she explained her universal credit had not gone into the bank and she had not been able to buy food in for Christmas so she would be grateful for anything! We were able to supply a turkey and all the trimmings, food for Boxing Day , treats for herself and her young daughter and although the work we do can be so tiring it’s felt amazing being able to help that lady have Christmas...... but it’s so saddening that had we not been there that family would of gone without ......

That ladies plight makes it so real! People are struggling, are going hungry and a lot of the time it’s because universal credit has let them down

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